You bear the Mark of Heroes, a distinct scale and fin pattern that, from the time of your birth, designated you as one of the chosen prophesied to save your kobold tribe from utter ruin. For the nine years since your birth, you have lived in luxury. The rest of the Blackfish tribe waited on you hand and foot. You were given your every desire and never made to hunt, gather, or otherwise work for your place in the tribe.

But that changed ten cycles ago. The shamans all agreed, the signs and portents were foretelling a Great Doom approaching the tribe’s vast, cavernous hunting grounds. Despite the objection of elders who called you and your fellow heroes incompetent, pampered weaklings, the shamans demanded that all the tribe’s resources and tools be made available to you. They insisted that you form hunting groups to seek out the Great Doom and to fulfill your collective destiny.

These are the adventures of the Heroes of Blackfish, the epic, well… the pretty-good tales of several bands of reluctant kobold heroes and their missions to save an entire tribe.

Heroes of Blackfish

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