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  • Hoody's Journal Entry 1

    This be the new book by Hoody Doo. I find this book in a small cave by water. It seem that many brothers die here. There a previous entry by clutchmate Grizzic, so I just tear out pages. He not need them anymore, so book belong to Hoody now. I come …

  • Erich's Recap

    We begin the adventure in the crypt where we had sprung the weakness trap. Kovalt searched the crypt during our recuperation and found a strange set of writing in the lid of the sarcophagus. We didn't recognize the characters. Hondo decided to …

  • XP Summary

    Erik: 13,794.166 Pat: 13,794.166 Will: 11,693.749 Joe: 11,693.749 Rob: 6760.416 (none added) Matt: 9,433.749 Alex: 8,563.749

  • Wraiths

    Pat: 16,104.166 Will: 14,603.749 Rob: 9,407.083 Matt: 12,143.749 Alex: 10,873.749 Joe: 8,052.083 (floor) Erik: 14,194.166 (none added)

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