Heroes of Blackfish

Hoody's Journal Entry 1

This be the new book by Hoody Doo. I find this book in a small cave by water. It seem that many brothers die here. There a previous entry by clutchmate Grizzic, so I just tear out pages. He not need them anymore, so book belong to Hoody now. I come from mighty Doo clan of Blackfish. We biggest clan in all Blackfish, all other clans know to respect our name. At feasts we always get extra meats and gooey shrooms. Make other clans fussy but they know not to talk balk. Enough about Doo clan though, this just about Hoody.

I not go into how I get where I am. Not want to write about that now. I write about right now. We just get done with big fight. Hoody most powerful with crossbow. Hoody like crossbow because he get many headshots with it. Enemies always make funny gurgly noises, always make Hoody laugh. Rest of group happy that Hoody here with his crossbow, before they lose a lot, now we strong and get respect.

Anywho, Hoody and his group take rest in big ancient chamber with coffin in middle. Coffin of some big powerful ancient Kobold who Hoody suspect get shot in head, now he in box. We take treasure from dead Kobold, he not need it anymore, it better with us. Hoody not really think stuff that neat, but can sell it for good money we find in market. It all do silly magicky stuff, but Hoody not interested, it seem to make others real hungry and they start looking at us like food.

So we leave room after good rest, and hear fighting down hallway, we stay quiet and sneak down to have look. It be tribe called Skullkickers, we meet them before but they not nice. We stay hid. All but jerky Kovalt. He not have much brain. He start banging around and making noise and then help Skullkickers. See Skullkickers have fight with Dreadnought, who not like us. Skullkickers like them less, and show it. Kovalt tell some stupid story about losing ear (he no have hear to begin with). Anyway that anger Skullkickers and they tell us to move on, this their area now. We not want to fight so we move on.

We come to a Market, and finally able to sell loots, we not have much time to sell stuff though. Kovalt decide to attack merchants and they all run away and guards come. These guards just stupid Skraggs. They not much for fighting, we send them back to Mac. He find something better to do with them, I bet he turn them into cleany bugs, they eats dead scales and keeps us looking shiny.

Oh, in market we meet other Blackfish. He named Zek, he good Kobold. Make lots of sense, and help keep us in line. After fight with Skraggs, I help Zek find us place to rest, we then tell Zek about travels. Grek tell story about 3 medallions. I not really hear story before so it new to me too. We have two medallions, if we get third then we rule Kobolds or something like that. Hoody forget again but am thinking I’m close.

While we sleep, monster attacks. Zek really bad at finding hidey holes, Hoody keep quiet about helping so all blame go to Zek. Monster big and stinky and look like moving garbage. Aswad was watching for it but not good enough. He have time to yell something about Zippers. Hoody not know anything about Zippers, but must be what monster is. Aswad have his own speak though. He not make a lot of sense.

Aswad go down hard, but he buy us time to wake up. Zipper monster go down fast and we make him food. We find he full of food, not good food but we not choosey.

Hoody now complain about Cirkl. Cirkl our Healy. She really good, keep us alive. But Cirkl nowhere to be found. She like go off to Grek only know where. If you ask Hoody, she off making the curly tail with some other Tribe, she full of eggs if you know what Hoody mean. Hoody know though. He see signs, he know what to look for. He bet she come back stinking of royal jelly, and if he look at her mouth he bet it stained with dank berry juice. She all about dank berries. Nothing make her reach all legs to ceiling quicker. She not fool Hoody with lies, he know! Maybe he find letter to stick to her. That way all Kobold know.

Anywho, we leave hidey hole and we meet Skullkickers again. We think they have medallion, but they have just silly pretend medallion. We take it anyway, they not fight because we Blackfish. Skullkicker chief named Nehal, and he know we best right away, so he join Blackfish. He not fool like Cirkl. He have some story about us not being Blackfish. He say Blackfish dead, that they get killed by some dragon named Feranna, or Briney Akor. Briney Akor some shiny black dragon. Hoody not sure he kill Blakfish, but he sound cool.

Nehal say writing in crypt room in language of Briney Akor who be one of 3 dragons that rule mountain. He say that we find out more at graves of dead Blackfish. He know way, and he take us there. He say trip full of danger though, two tribes in way. Rusty Blades, and Worm Guard. Who guard worms? They not do anything. They just wiggle on floor like chopped off tail. Make no sense.

So we get ready to leave. Hopefully Cirkl stop making Blackfish long enough to come with us.

The new Blackfish

Erik: 11660.833
Pat: 11660.833
Will: 9560.416
Joe: 9560.416
Rob: 6760.416
Matt: 7300.416
Alex: 6430.416

symbol of weakness

Erik: 10460.833
Pat: 10460.833
Will: 8360.416
Joe: 8360.416
Rob: 6760.416
Matt: 6100.416
Alex: 5230.416

February 8

Erik: 8200.833
Pat: 8200.833
Will: 6100.416
Matt: 6100.416
Joe: 6100.416
Rob: 4500.416


Robb: 4200.833
Erik: 4200.833
Pat: 4200.833
Will: 2100.416
Matt: 2100.416
Joe: 2100.416

Previous XP Amount (before today’s game):

Matt: 2807.50
Robb: 3007.50
Erik: 3007.50
Pat: 3007.50
Will: 2228.75
Joe: 2728.75
John: 939.375

Game #3

Matt: 1657.50
Robb: 1957.50
Erik: 1957.50
Pat: 1957.50
Will: 1078.75
Joe: 1578.75
John: 939.375

Grizzik Diary Entry No. 1

Dear diary,

Grizzik must first write that Grizzik is very unhappy at circumstances that Grizzik has fallen into. Grizzik was at some celebration, probably in Grizzik’s honor, dining on best foods, and rewarding the finest females with his presence. When Grizzik gets unusually tired. More so than usual, Grizzik is quite the night skink as you well know. Grizzik lay down on his bed, and out like Grek on a Saturday night. That’s funny because Grek no fun at parties.

Next think Grizzik know, he on uncomfortable rock with kink in neck. All around Grizzik are other lesser chosen, just as confused. Grizzik at first very angry, this make no sense. Then Grizzik realize that this probably joke played by other Chosen of Blackfish. This make Grizzik more angry, must get revenge when Grizzik return to tribe. Grizzik bet it that Gik face Skixis, he always doing stuff like this, he jealous of Grizzik’s place in tribe.

Grizzik find himself stuck with his lease favorite Chosen. There is 42, his mother sleep with everyone in tribe, tribe. She stop naming them and start using numbers. Grizzik sure. Rather be here with 41, or 35, they much more fun. Grizik like them. Then there is Grek, Grizzik not know much about Grek. He hang out on other side of cave. They say he some powerful sorcerer. Also, Aswod. He strange one. Make weird comments. He good fighter though, know how to stick enemies. There also brothers Doo, and Vin Doo. They not very close. Vin Doo also sorcerer, Doo something else. Grizzik not know really. Grizzik not really have time to know him though, thinking of changing his name to Stirge Catcher. Grizzik explain later though.

So we confused and cold. Grizzik not like being away from tribe and think joke go on too far. Grizzik find stuff here with us. Weapons, armor, equipment. Grizzik try to find way back but not know path, and cannot find tracks to follow back. 42 say he know gods and they tell him which way to go. Grizzik at time think that ok, if it gets us home Grizzik ok with 42, maybe make friend. 42 make some paying motions, and shake some rattle and dance, then pick direction to go (there 2 paths). Grizzik group start walking, but village not come into sight. We walk for what seems like forever. Grizzik start to question this 42 in head. Not think he made right decision, but Grizzik not say anything yet.

We finally come to open cave, not feel right about place. There holes in the ceiling and bones all about. Grizzik think we should leave. 42 wanna look around. Then big spiders attack. They not much fight though, more flailing arms and hissy noises. Grizzik not impressed. We turn to 42, he take another reading about way to go. Grizzik ask 42 what God he believe in that tell him path to take. 42 not tell Grizzik. This make Grizzik suspicious. What Kobold not name a God? Grizzik worship Dakarnok, he powerful Kobold, strongest Kobold ever lived. He slay many hated Gnomes. They not even fight after a while, he just hold out spear and they run into it with smiles. They probably tell children it great honor to die on his spear.

Grizzik let 42 choose and he lead us into bitey rats. These not amuse Grizzik but they die just like silly spiders. Grizzik like this joke less and less. When Grizzik get home, plan to kill Skixis. Grizzik not even care if it his joke, he just die.

Group come to wide opening in path and see many sleeping wingy things on ceiling. Group decide to sneak past, Grizzik think good idea. Then Grek start stamping feet and making noise. Wingy things wake up and not seem happy, make angry buzzy noises. Doo run out into middle of cave and make lots of swingy motions. Apparently wingy things like this because they all fly over and stick to him and make him scream a lot.

Wingy things kill him real quick. Grizzik try to save him but too many to knock off. Others help, but Grizzik help most. We not sure what to do with him, so we just take his stuff and move on. We find a sign about some village close to here, we think they know way home for us.

We get to opening and meet new Kobold from tribe. His name Skipaw. He from other group that have joke played on them. He only one left of group, wingy things must have killed them too, though he not say. Maybe he do it, he not seem to sad about group. That Skixis very busy though, he must be working with other Chosen to play joke, Grizzik sure to kill all other Chosen not in group when Grizzik make it home, to make sure he get the right one.

Finally get to big lake with a boat and a strange Kobold. He make us pay to go to his village. We go across and then make us pay to get into village. There we meet rest of village. They get wiped out by other villages, so not many left. They sell us food though, and let us buy extra gear. Guess they not need it anymore. He ask Grizzik for help, say if we help get revenge he help Grizzik. Grizzik think not worth it, just tell him Grizzik will help and then sell out to other tribe to get stuff and directions back home. Think better option.

That all Grizzik have time for, Grizzik write more later.

Hero Time


01 (3 GIANT SPIDERS-CR 3): +200 xp for Matt, Robb, Erik, Pat, Will
02 (3 DIRE RATS-CR 1/3): +77.5 xp for Matt, Robb, Erik, Pat, Will
03 (9 STIRGES-CR 1/2): +300 xp for Matt, Robb, Erik, Pat, Will
04 (1 CLIMBING HAZARD-CR 1): +80 xp for Matt, Robb, Erik, Pat, Will
00 (Replacement Character, 1/2 of 657.5): +328.75 xp for Joe
05 (1 STORY AWARD-CR 2): +100 xp for Matt, Robb, Erik, Pat, Will, Joe


8.5 gp

XP TOTALS (378.75 minimum):

Matt: 757.50
Robb: 757.50
Erik: 757.50
Pat: 757.50
Will: 757.50
Joe: 378.75
John: 378.75


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